• Welcome to Al-Furqan School Year 2021-2022

    Insha Allah the first day of school will be Sunday, September 12th, 2021.
    Based on the fact that there is a surge in the number of covid cases, especially in school children who are mostly unvaccinated, Al-Furqan staff and administration have decided to continue using virtual mode for the first semester.
    The situation will be closely monitored, and as soon as an improvement is noted, the mode will be switched to in person, Insha Allah.
    At present, health, safety, and long term benefits are of paramount importance.
    It’s the second year that Al Furqan School will be using the virtual mode of instruction.
    Alhamdulillah, in the previous school year the staff and students have performed excellently despite the fact that it was the first time that an online mode of teaching and learning was used.
    Your cooperation and patience will be appreciated

  • In Person Registration

    Alfurqan school is holding in person registration on Sunday 06/13/2021 at the IAR gym, between 10.30AM-12.30PM.

  • Summer Break

    School will resume on September 12th 2021 insha'Allah

  • End of the Year 2020-2021 & Drive Through Distribution of Certificates

    Alhamdolillah Al-Furqan School has successfully completed another year! This year was much different, full of new challenges due to the pandemic situation. But alhamdollillah combined effort on part of our students, parents and teachers, we were able to continue to serve our mission in virtual mode. We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and dedication of all the participants. Because the situation is still not back to normal we will not be able to conduct an end of year assembly which is our tradition. But we would like to appreciate our students by handing them out certificates of recognition and goody boxes as a token for their dedication in a drive through. The drive through is scheduled on Sunday May 16th between 10am-12pm.

  • Teacher/TA Applications

    Our school is always looking for teachers and teacher assistants. If anyone is willing to volunteer, please fill out the application here.

  • Registration 2021-2022

    Al-Furqan School is starting to register students for the year 2021-2022. More details can be found under the registration tab. The registration form can be found here.

  • Spring Break

    Al-Furqan School will be closed for Spring break on 28th March and 4th April. School will resume on April 11th insha'Allah.

  • Al-Furqan School Closed for Winter Break

    There will be no Al-Furqan School classes on 20th, 27th Dec, and 3rd January due to winter break. School will resume it's classes on 10th January 2021 insha’Allah.

  • Al-Furqan Closed Thanksgiving Break

    There will be no classes on Sunday November 29th 2020, school will resume on December 6th. insha’Allah.

  • Welcome to Al-Furqan School’s session 2020-2021!

    Our first day of school will be Sunday, September 13th, 2020 insha’Allah. This year is going to be different. Due to the pandemic, we chose virtual learning for the first semester based on the results of the survey that you all participated in. Our teachers are being trained for this new mode of teaching and learning. Alhamdulillah, they are motivated to make it successful insha’Allah. Your cooperation in making this process successful will be greatly appreciated. If you have any new ideas, or if you can provide any help and support to assist us, we will greatly appreciate it. Jazakum Allahu Khairun

  • School Registration for year 2020-2021

    Al-Furqan School registration will be open soon for new as well as returning students for year 2020-2021.
    This year on the basis of our survey results we have decided to go with our option C which means online learning only for the first semester.
    The Al-Furqan Administration is working hard to make it more successful insha’Allah.
    We will be using different tools for online learning like Google classroom, Zoom, and Google Meet.
    Tuition is expected to be paid at the time of registration, all submitted forms without payment will be in pending status until payment.
    Registration form can be found here
    Tuition for this year would look like:

    • 1 Student: 350 or 315
    • 2 Students: 500 or 450
    • 3 Students: 650 or 585
    • 4 Students: 800 or 720
    • 5 Students: 950 or 855

    The second number is a special discount for the families who register and make full payment by August 3rd 2020.
    Al-Furqan School offers a 50% discount to the families of our volunteers who served full time during the year 2019-2020.
    For Kindergarten registration, the student must be 5 year or older on Aug 31st 2020, cutoff date being Aug 31st, 2015 for the current session.
    Please email a copy of the birth certificate for Kindergarten registration for the date of birth verification to
    Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Survey for Planning Next Year

    The Al-Furqan School administration is planning for the upcoming school year of 2020-2021. There are these three options available:

    1. Every Sunday all students come to class and adhere to some social distancing
    2. Moderate social distancing with half students present and half students on remote learning - alternating every sunday.
    3. Only online learning.

    Just like WCPSS we are considering only Option B and C right now. Please fill out this survey as soon as possible before 07/10/2020 and help us in making a decision. We will make the final decision based on everybody’s comfort.

    Click here for the survey.

  • Plans For Next Year

    Al-Furqan School is currently closed for summer break. We were scheduled to re-open on 13th September 2020, but due to the pandemic situation, we will wait for guidelines provided by the CDC and the North Carolina government before we announce anything. As soon as there is a clearer timeline for reopening schools we will plan to hold registration for the upcoming year.
    We will post announcements on our website and notify parents via emails. Meanwhile if you have any questions or concerns you can email us at

  • End of School Year Virtual Assembly

    Al-Furqan School held an end of school year assembly virtually on May 17th 2020. This also marked the last day of the school year for 2019-2020. We will keep you posted about plans for next school year.

  • School Closed 03/15

    Al-Furqan School Administration in collaboration with IAR has decided to close school on March 15, 2020 to avoid the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Meanwhile we will meet our staff to plan alternate means to teach our students. Further details can be found on IAR website and the following link:
    Coronavirus Updates
    May Allah protect us all and we can resume as soon as possible.

  • Help Make Eid a WCPSS Holiday!

    Help petition the Wake County Public School System to recognize Eid as a holiday so students can have a day off. Sign here!

  • In Search for Teachers

    Al Furqan Sunday School is in need of more teachers; interested candidates please contact Sr. Shahmeem (the School Chair) directly via email at or by text/phone at 919-600-0569.
    You can also email at