3rd Grade Salah Program

Al-Furqan School emphasizes the importance of Salah to 3rd grade students. These students are introduced to the concept of Salah, the role of Salah in our lives as Muslims and then spend the year learning how to correctly perform Wudu and Salah. At the end of the year, the 3rd grade class performs a Salah demonstration for parents, signifying their ability to correctly perform this act of worship. Students are awarded Salah Program Completion Certificates and Prayer Rugs to mark the culmination of the prayer demonstration. Students and parents are served refreshments.

Quran Recitation Program (QRP)

Al-Furqan School begins a focused study on learning how to read and recite the Holy Quran in Kindergarten and continues until 5th grade through its Quran Recitation Program (QRP). Our goal being children are able to read Qura’n by the end of 5th grade. This program includes learning the alphabet and correct rules of reading (with an emphasis on Tajweed), and proper recitation. Our teaching staff works with students to help them further their Quranic reading skills, and we hope that parents realize they must work with their ildren continuously in order to solidify this skill set for life.

By the end of the year a ceremony is held to demonstrate student’s ability to read Qur’an. They are rewarded with their own copy of Qur’an.

Character Education Program:

This program introduces a monthly worksheet that describes a specific Islamic character trait to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students are introduced to the meaning of these character traits as exemplified in the Holy Quran and Hadith. Parents are then asked to sign the worksheets when the students exhibit these traits at home. The focus of the program is on learning the importance of good Islamic character and manners, and trying to exhibit these traits in our everyday lives. In addition, students that are observed using good Islamic manners during school hours are rewarded under our “Caught Being Good” program to further emphasize the importance of proper Islamic manners.

Hajj Demonstration:

This is an interactive and fun way of teaching students about the rituals of the Hajj. Parent volunteers constructed various props representing the different stages of the Hajj, and high school students were asked to dress as pilgrims and guide the younger students through pilgrimage. The activity included school wide participation and encouraged our High School students to serve as role models for the younger students.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon:

Every year Al-Furqan School hosts its annual Teacher and Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon as a token of our appreciation for their ongoing support. The luncheon gives us the opportunity to recognize and honor individuals who assist with school operations. Our sincere gratitude goes out to all the teachers who work diligently with our students and successfully implement our curriculum. The true success of Al-Furqan School lies with our devoted teacher volunteers.

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Every year Al-Furqan School hosts parent teacher conferences at the end of the Fall semester as a way to allow the staff to communicate the progress of students with their parents. This is an excellent opportunity for parents as well to talk about any concerns about their children.

End of Year Assembly:

The End of Year Assembly is a school wide event for students and parents. The gathering is meant to share some of the student achievements with parents. The gathering is also a great social event for the Al-Furqan community to end the school year with.

Lectures & Discussions:

These are challenging times for young Muslims and Al-Furqan School schedules several lectures on a regular basis for our middle and high school students, focusing on issues relevant to this age group. In the past, Al-Furqan School has invited guest speakers who gave talks dealing with a variety of topics including career choices for the future, how to establish salah etc. IAR Imams are also adding their valuable knowledge by teaching our Middle/High school students on regular basis.

Health Education Lecture:

Muslim teenagers growing up in America are faced with huge challenges to an Islamic value system and these students are bombarded with information for which they have little or no Islamic perspective. Thus the goal of the lecture is to provide an Islamic perspective to many health and development issues that are vital to young Muslim teenagers, so as to equip them with the tools they need to make good choices growing up as Muslims in America. Discussions Al-Furqan School host variety of discussions for Al-Furqan parents to help with challenges they are faced with raising families in non-Islamic society.

Internet Security Basics:

Al-Furqan School presented a workshop to the parents intended to educate and raise awareness about today's Internet dangers. With the rapid growth of the Internet, parent must learn how to keep their children safe from cyber space. - Parent Discussion Panel - Al-Furqan School hosted a panel discussion for parents focusing on discussing the issues and problems our youth face in as they grow up. Parents need to able to guide their children in the right direction and provide support to them in their times of need. The lecture shared insights with parents on the many ways they can help their children. The discussion included viewpoints from an Islamic perspective, a youth perspective and the perspective of a professional psychiatrist.