Al Furqan Registration for Academic Year 2020-2021:

Al-Furqan School registration will be open soon for new as well as returning students for year 2020-2021.
This year on the basis of our survey results we have decided to go with our option C which means online learning only for the first semester.
The Al-Furqan Administration is working hard to make it more successful insha’Allah.
We will be using different tools for online learning like Google classroom, Zoom, and Google Meet.
Tuition is expected to be paid at the time of registration, all submitted forms without payment will be in pending status until payment.
Registration form can be found here
Tuition for this year would look like:

  • 1 Student: 350 or 315
  • 2 Students: 500 or 450
  • 3 Students: 650 or 585
  • 4 Students: 800 or 720
  • 5 Students: 950 or 855

The second number is a special discount for the families who register and make full payment by August 3rd 2020.
Al-Furqan School offers a 50% discount to the families of our volunteers who served full time during the year 2019-2020.
For Kindergarten registration, the student must be 5 year or older on Aug 31st 2020, cutoff date being Aug 31st, 2015 for the current session.
Please email a copy of the birth certificate for Kindergarten registration for the date of birth verification to
Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.